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Are you a wholesale buyer, looking for wholesale pricing purchasing at Satiama?  We offer deep discounts to qualified retailers and wholesale buyers, and free shipping for an order of $300 or more. We also provide special additional fourth quarter discounts to our regular customers. We also offer special event prices and terms if you are hosting an event for one of our authors or featuring one of our products at a store event. We also have a liberal return policy.

Call us at 719-487-0424 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mountain time.  If we are helping another customer, please leave a message.  We promise to return your phone call promptly!

Satiama LLC includes our three service marks:  Satiama Writers Resource, Satiama Publishing, and Magical Plant Publishing.  Thank you for sharing our journey!

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Check out our complete product line

at https://faire.com/direct/satiamapublishing.

New Faire wholesale buyers get 50% off, $100 of credit,

one year of free shipping, and 60 days to pay!

Satiama Publishing is well-known for the quality of its products and our mission to offer what is new and exciting in the mind body spirit industry. We offer books, audio books, ebooks, meditation CDs, an exciting array of wisdom and tarot decks, and even a top-tier award-winning board game. Call us with any product or title questions you might have? We look forward to hearing from you!

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