Satiama was Founded for You!

Satiama was Founded for You!

Founded in 2009, Satiama LLC is a Colorado-based publisher of books, card decks, audio-books, e-books, a board game, and music CDs. Satiama publications are highly- awarded, top-selling titles in their category. Satiama, through its imprints, publishes titles and products for personal enjoyment, learning, and growth. Satiama was founded to offer tools to assist each of us to connect with and honor our true selves and our true nature. Our mission is to increase our respect, compassion, and love for one other and our beautiful planet, and to foster and cultivate our connection to something greater. We are known for the very high quality of our publications and products of all types. Our library especially includes metaphysical books and titles related to what some call new age spirituality.

Satiama offers experiential tools that can spark the divine, supporting each of us to create the life we truly desire.

Satiama was founded for you:  Our Imprints and Service Marks

Satiama LLC has four service marks:  Satiama Publishing, Satiama Writers Resource, True Wisdom Academy (coming soon) and Magical Planet Publishing.

Satiama Publishing is your resource for inspired daily living and spiritual growth. Satiama Publishing titles fall into several categories or cover the following topics:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Divination
  • Esoteric Scholarship
  • Personal Development
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Shamanism
  • Vibrational Healing

Magical Planet Publishing was founded in 2023 and is dedicated to publishing titles in the following categories:

  • Magical Realism
  • Conscious life titles for teens and children
  • Conscious parenting titles for children and parents

Our publishing consulting branch, Satiama Writers Resource, offers writer mentoring, editing, crowdfunding management, printing, and production management, marketing, and distribution services to authors and writers.

The Satiama Virtual Meditation Hall offers more than 30 free guided meditations of all types, styles, and philosophies.  Check back often for new additions to our free collection, which you are welcome to visit every day.

The Satiama Library offers more continually changing articles and blogs.

What Does Satiama Mean?

Satiama, pronounced ‘sah-tee-ah-mah,’ is a word built from three core ideas. The word “satiama” might have other meanings in other languages or cultures unknown to us, but the meaning we intend our company to embody is as follows: “Sat” is one the holiest words in Sanskrit, itself a sacred language. It translates as being, reality, truth, essence, soul, the best; it refers to the ultimate reality, and is also considered the self-conductor of everything. In the Pali language, the word “sati” usually carries the meaning of awareness or skillful attentiveness.

I Am — the center of our name includes the I Am presence, the presence of divine consciousness which is present in all living things, and that which invokes our higher or real self.  To Hindus, it is Brahma. Buddhists call it the Dharmakaya, while Christians think of it as God the Father.  The I Am presence is the pathway to the Divine for each of us. It is only our human ego consciousness, coupled with our personal sense of limitation, and those ideas and experiences we may have brought in from other ‘realities’ that are less than the highest qualities of our true and essential nature.

A(h)” is the most natural sound to emerge from the mouth, a true vocalized sound, and one of the first sounds we ever make. The “ah” sound is part of nearly every form or name of God or a divine spirit, such as God, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Yahweh or Yeshua, Eckankar, God, etc. This sound appears a significant three times in our company name. It is meant to embody the nature of all sources and forms of divinity.

Thank you for sharing our journey!

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