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Welcome to the Satiama Submission Policy page. We appreciate your interest in Satiama, LLC, including Satiama Publishing, Magical Planet Publishing, True Wisdom Academy, and/or Satiama Writers Resource (“Satiama”). We are currently accepting authors, spiritual teachers, musicians, artists, and photographers whose work is deemed suitable for our core purpose. Learn more about our core purpose here. We accept both self-submissions and submissions from agents. Please read our Satiama Submission Policy and Proposal Guidelines carefully.

If you would like to have your work considered, send us a formal proposal along with non-returnable samples such as color copies, tear sheets, book excerpts or CD samples.  See our proposal requirements below.

Do not send original art or slides. We will contact you if your work seems appropriate and a good match of purpose and message with Satiama LLC. You may e-mail your portfolio’s Web site address to

If you have an idea for a workshop, manuscript, class, online class, product or other item you believe may of interest to Satiama, please contact us at Please submit your idea according to our proposal guidelines below. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Please be sure to include your contact information, including phone number so that we may respond to you either by phone or e-mail. However, we regret that we cannot personally respond to each and every submission, but will contact you if your work or idea is of interest to us. Response time averages 12 weeks.

Online portfolios are preferable to hard copy samples, so if your work is available to view online or if you have an online portfolio, you may e-mail us a link to your work instead of mailing us samples in .pdf read-only format.

Satiama Submission Policy Proposal Guidelines

All submissions must be accompanied by a formal proposal, which should at minimum include the following:

1. A summary of your proposed publication or work, including a table of contents if applicable, and three completed chapters
2. A list of other publications or types of work you have already produced, if any
3.  A professional bio
4.  Any sample illustrations (but illustration is not required)
5.  Your marketing plans, social media footprint, author or professional website, if any
6.  A comparative analysis of other similar titles, if any
7.  General target market for your work with any specialty niches and demographics, if available
8.  Format in which you would like to see your work published, such as  j0urnal, book, graphical novel, book, article, blog, card deck, game, etc. Be specific.
9.  Reviews or testimonials, if any.
10. Your social media footprint (number of followers for your author work by channel) and URL to your author website, if you have one

Please allow for a minimum of three months for a response from Satiama Publishing. Due to the volume of submissions, please do not contact us directly during that time either by phone or email. 

Publication of Articles On Our Sites

All articles or photos submitted to Satiama LLC may be chosen for publication at any of our sites. Please submit articles to Please note that we do not purchase articles or photos for submission or provide compensation for publishing articles, other than an author by-line and author information. Any article submitted may be re-edited by our editorial team and we reserve the right to edit any and all articles or photos that are selected for publication. However, we will endeavor not to alter or change the overall content or purpose of any article or photograph submitted for publication.

Please limit articles submitted for publication to not more than 900 words on average, in a current version of Microsoft Word version, Times New Roman 11 pt font. Please include a .jpg headshot of yourself that does not contain images of any other persons, any photos you personally have the right to publish, and a short biography about yourself with each and every article you submit. Your biography should be limited to your name, a short description of yourself and your work, and either a website URL or a contact e-mail. Biography information may also be edited to conform with our editorial standards. Because of the volume of submissions, Satiama may not be able to notify you if your article has been chosen for publication.

Satiama is not responsible for returning or safeguarding submissions in any format or for any medium. Submitting articles, artwork, music, project proposals or manuscripts constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of Satiama’s Terms of Use and Satiama’s Submission Policy, also located on this website here.

Our mailing address is:
Satiama LLC
P.O. Box 1397
Palmer Lake, CO 80133

Thank you for your interest in Satiama!



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