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Welcome to Satiama Publishing

We offer inspired words for inner transformation in many forms.

Our hand-curated collection of conscious living products include books for adults and kids, coloring books, audio books, card decks, music, meditation CDs, and our fantastic board game.

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Virtual Meditation Hall

Visit our Virtual Meditation Hall to enjoy a wide variety of guided meditations. Just choose a meditation, press play, and follow the sound of the presenter’s voice, replacing your own thoughts with their voice as they lead you to a place of strength, renewal, and peace.

Satiama Writers Resource

Want to grow your idea into a completed book? Our consulting branch offers a set of services for writers at any stage. Contact us for a free manuscript review or book idea consultation.

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The Satiama Blog

Julie Loar: Perspective – Inner and Outer Change

“I see myself by the light of my becoming.”   Egyptian Book of Coming Forth into Day I’m just back from my twelfth trip to…

Julie Loar: Trust

“Trust in dreams, for in them is the hidden gate to eternity.” ~Khalil Gibran An intrinsic wisdom lives inside a seed. The small miracle trusts…

How the Schumann Resonance Shows How the Earth Loves You

If we wish to understand the highest aspects of love, we only have to look at Mother Earth upon which we live. She has done…

Why Children’s Literature is So Important in Today’s World by Karen Stuth

Like it or not, and paraphrasing a Chinese saying, we live in interesting times, and no one is more aware of this than today’s children.…

A Leap of Trust by Robyn Jones

When I was a child, the practice of faith meant dressing up in one of my ruffly dresses, memorizing bible verses, washing graham crackers down…

I See You by Robyn Jones

Driving with my sister through Texas the night before Hurricane Harvey hit, I witnessed one of those rare sunsets that no camera can possibly capture.…