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The world of publishing is rapidly changing.

Large and venerated publishing companies are closing down or merging. With fewer players in the traditional publishing arena, first-time writers and authors have a slight chance at best of having their manuscripts reviewed, and an even smaller chance that they will be accepted.There are fewer submissions editors to review manuscripts and traditional publishers have also significantly amended their criteria for acceptance.

Yet, with access to a wide variety of solutions, writers today can far more easily bring their books to market in print and/or e-book format and find success as a self-published author. This gives the author more creative control, more opportunity to build their own personal brand, a wider set of venues in which to participate in marketing and sales, and often a greater opportunity for financial return. However, navigating the many steps to bring a book concept forward to successful fruition can be daunting – a bit like setting sail without a map – and many find themselves adrift in the process.

Whether your book concept or product is just a twinkle in your eye or already substantially ready for print, we can help to create a personal road map for your successful experience.

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We look forward to sharing your journey!


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