The Way of the Grace-filled Heart: Travel the Unbroken Path of Light and Love (The Way Series Book 3) Kindle Edition by Catherine Grace Landry


Beyond our quest for meaning, purpose, or faith there is a space without time or dimension that is a pulsing pinpoint of knowing. It is the deep river of infinite grace. Grace fills our life with love and wisdom. It prompts our hands to be outstretched, our words to be spoken, our thoughts to be heard, our emotions to be expressed. For what is grace but the Light of our Source sent to guide our hearts in the way of its own Perfect Love. Entering the vast inner planes of our heart we find ourselves in an infinite Universe. Here lies the path of Oneness to our Source.



SILVER MEDAL WINNER, 2021 COVR Visionary Awards, Visionary Non-Fiction

2021 Next Generation Indie Excellence Awards Finalist, Mind Body Spirit Books

This newly released volume is the final book in The Way Series by Catherine Grace Landry, destined to be a classic of the mind body spirit literature.

The Way of the Grace-filled Heart offers us the freedom of infinite possibility. Here we greet our Soul, glimpse our vast potential, and meet the light of Source that flows upon our earthly experiences, in all directions, at all times, with no limits, borders, and boundaries. A grace-filled heart calls us to collapse the chapters of the stories we build within our minds and beliefs and see only an endless and limitless field.

The Way of the Grace-filled Heart returns us to our earthly experience following the path of Light/Love flowing from Source, to us, from us to all around us, and then back along this loop. A continuous uninterrupted flow of grace and truth in our world. An important read for the Aquarian Age and a book for those looking for the path of love that loops us through our heart to our connection to the world and universe around us, providing us with ultimate peace and serenity and a fulfilling sense of completion.