The Star Family: Paranormal Mid-Life Women’s Fiction






Winner * Best Fiction * Indie Spiritual Book Awards * Whoever holds the key decides the future of humanity…

Jane Frey is furious about her unceremonious firing. Facing a bleak future in her fifties, her life takes an unexpected turn as she inherits an English Tudor mansion. But when mysterious nighttime chanting leads her to a secret chamber, she becomes entangled in a clandestine society with unsettling aims.

After uncovering more about her family bloodline, she’s removed from the ancient property. But her mind won’t let her move on. She’s haunted by an enigmatic song repeating in her head and follows the tune deeper into a dark, global conspiracy.

Can Jane keep the music and humankind alive, or will the final note end in bloodshed?

The Star Family is a captivating metaphysical mystery. If you like slow-burn thrillers, Christmas adventures, and fiction that turns history on its head, then you’ll love Theresa Crater’s gripping novel.

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