The Invisible Riptide




The Invisible Riptide is a book created for kids with anxiety

The Invisible Riptide is an incredible book for kids with anxiety. When Stella wakes up with a swirling-whirling feeling in her belly, her mom doubts there is a problem. Yet Stella’s pediatrician suggests she work with Ms. Tina, a talk therapist. Ms.Tina helps Stella understand why she has funny feelings inside, which Stella shares with her teachers, peers, and anyone who will listen! Stella starts a wave of understanding and shared experience for everyone around her, offering them supportive tools for a lifetime.

The Invisible Riptide features a dyslexic-friend font. This remarkable children’s anxiety book has helped countless people learn to acknowledge and understand their feelings when things aren’t quite right. Regardless of age, readers will find themselves in this heartwarming story about the importance of connection and community.

Offering four appendix pages of tools, resources, and even original songs for kids, parents, and anyone who works with children, this children’s self-help book is already applauded by kids, parents, teachers and counselors through the US!

Gorgeously illustrated by Amy Koenig, The Invisible Riptide is a visually pleasing book your child will remember and incorporate for a lifetime.

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About the Author

Carron Montgomery is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapist, Level II trained EMDR, and trauma specialist. Headshot of Carron Montgomery, author of The Invisible Riptide Carron is a strong community advocate, who began her career working for two nonprofit organization counsekling survivors of sexual abuse and serving serving low-income families and victims of trauma. Nine years ago, she started a private practice with two other women to specialize in treating anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, grief, and loss. Carron utilizes a client-centered approach that includes collaboration with each client’s team of professionals–teachers, doctors and school social workers and primary caregivers.

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