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Messengers: Two with a Guide. . . a modern tale of adventure, love, betrayal, and prophecy… an ancient legend spanning millennia and haunting humanity…guarded by the enigmatic Sphinx…a modern tale of adventure, love, betrayal, and prophecy… an ancient legend spanning millennia and haunting humanity…guarded by the enigmatic Sphinx…

Is the lost Hall of Records buried beneath the sand of Giza? Stories through time whispered that thirteen thousand years ago, during the last days of Atlantis, a plan was conceived to preserve the wisdom of the doomed civilization. Priceless artifacts were gathered and buried in a time capsule, safeguarding the treasure for a future epoch.

Come along with three initiates — messengers who have returned in the fullness of time, and according to the prophecy of Edgar Cayce, to unseal the record chambers. Through dreams, hypnotic regression, and shamanic journeys, Alexandria Stuart, don Miguel Piedra, and Erik Anderson confront incredible odds as they offer their very lives in a quest to fulfill an ancient promise.

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“A fascinating story . . . through well-written fiction, this book captures the essence of the ongoing reality.” Robert Bauval, author of a dozen books, including co-author of The Orion Mystery and Message of the Sphinx.

Messengers: Two With a Guide is an adventure mystery by Julie Loar. Across ancient cultures, from Mayan to Egyptian to Atlantean, chosen messenger Alexandria (Alex) Stuart is driven on a shamanic quest to unearth ancient teachings and messages. As a result of clues left by her grandparents and father in their writings and her dreams, Alex’s first mission leads her to Palenque, a Mayan archaeological site in Mexico. On a guided tour, she meets Erik Anderson and Maya Indian Don Miguel Piedra. Through the ancient ruins of Palenque and to the heart of the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, the trio takes an eclectic journey. The hypnosis and past life regression Alex undergoes take us on a magical journey around key parts of the world, helping the trio decode ancient world clues to fulfill their destiny.

Julie Loar’s Messenger is a unique fantasy novel filled with adventure, intrigue, suspense, and a desire to discover the secret messages left behind by our ancient ancestors. The reader will be transported back in time to Mayan and Egyptian civilizations and explore the myth behind Atlantis. Each character encountered along this pilgrimage is vividly described, drawing the reader instantly into the plot’s development. Inspiring, breathtaking descriptions of archaeological sites capture the reader’s attention, immersing them in an exploration of history, archaeology, and astronomy. In Messengers, there is everything: a hero, a villain, a quest, risk, danger, and a transformation of the protagonist. In addition to a thrilling and exciting adventure, Julie Loar provides insights into ancient cultural heritage. For those interested in Egyptology, the meaning of dreams, past-life regressions, and shamanic journeys, this book is a must-read!  FIVE STARS. Reviewed by Angelique Papayannopoulos for Readers’ Favorite

Julie Loar gives us a thrilling adventure with this novel. She takes us deep into the temples and teachings of the Maya, Egypt, and Atlantis, all the while entertaining us. Her descriptions of the sites are breathtaking. She captures the oppressive heat of touring Palenque, the exhaustion of climbing the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid, as well as the relief of delicious meals, the colors, sounds, and merchandise of the markets. Her descriptions of Atlantis are so vivid one would think they come from her memory. The soaring visions and revelations of the characters inspire us, keeping us reading way past bedtime. Loar shows us these countries, their cultures and indigenous teachings as only one who has traveled well and studied deeply can. A tour de force. ~ Theresa Crater, author of Three Awakenings & the Power Places series

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