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Every holiday season in the small town of Palmer Lake, townspeople and children look forward eagerly to the annual Magic on the Mountainside – the lighting of the Palmer Lake Star. But this year, as two children, Charlotte and Henry, also wait by the frozen lake, nothing happens!

They decide to take matters into their own hands with the help of a German Shepherd named Dizzy. He takes Henry on an adventure up the mountainside he will never forget. Learn about the history of the Palmer Lake Star, and the light and magic that surrounds us each holiday season in this artfully illustrated tale for all ages about the world’s largest mountainside star.

This magical book, based on a real-life tale of the Palmer Lake Star, offers so much! A lovely story about the light and magic surrounding Christmas, about the importance of light in our lives, about the magic of love between siblings and family, and the magic of the natural world. There’s more magic in this story, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise! This is a book your children and family will enjoy at Christmas and even through the year as it quickly becomes a family keepsake and holiday tradition for generations to come.

Historical Christmas fiction at its best, offered as a charming children’s Christmas story. Stunningly illustrated, with dyslexia-friendly font.

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Why You’ll Want to Buy Magic on the Mountainside

  • The story is told in dyslexia friendly font
  • Classically-styled illustrations underscore the traditions of the holiday season
  • A tale based on a real and historic story of the world’s largest mountainside star
  • Book includes factual information in the appendix
  • You’ll learn the extraordinary story of Dizzy, who helped to build the Palmer Lake Star
  • The appendix includes a photo of Dizzy’s real life family from the 30s.
  • A compelling story kids will request nightly and read for a lifetime
  • Beautifully produced with sewn binding to lay flat when reading

What Readers are Saying About Magic on the Mountainside

“This book will be a cherished keepsake as well as a magical holiday story for children everywhere. May the magic we experience each year in Palmer Lake, Colorado be felt in hearts throughout the world.”  Nichole Urbatchka, Elementary Teacher, Palmer Lake Elementary School

The Palmer Lake Star has been shining from Sundance Mountain since 1935.  The Star on Sundance is magical as it twinkles and shines forth during Christmas season.  Magic on the Mountain brings to life a wonderful story of Charlotte and Henry as they call upon a German Shepherd named Dizzy to help them find out why the star is not shining. This delightful adventure story is accompanied with illustrations that make it come to alive for all readers.   For me, Magic on the Mountain changed how I gaze upon the Palmer Lake Star as it decorates the mountainside.   I see and hear Charlotte and Henry, their animal friends and Dizzy as they journey up onto Sundance Mountain to help the star shine.   Make the Palmer Lake Star even more magical as your read and enjoy Magic on the MountainJack Anthony, Palmer Lake Star historian 

Magic On the Mountain whisks the reader through history and tradition in the small Colorado town of Palmer Lake using frisky animals, two hopeful, optimistic, persistent children, and one very good dog.  With sweet illustrations to guide the reader, magic is achieved. The story incorporates humor, suspense, magic and joy.  A good read for children of all ages any time of year.  Catherine Close McGuire D.C., Fourth Generation Palmer Lake pioneer family

About the Author

Author Nancy Godbout Jurka is an award-winning poet and author whose work often celebrates the natural beauty and history of Colorado. Magic on the Mountain is Nancy’s first work of fiction, created for children to learn the history of the Star of Palmer Lake and to appreciate the beauty and importance of light.

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