Ancient Sky Watchers & Mythic Themes (A Sky Lore Anthology Volume One) by Julie Loar


An anthology of articles on ancient astronomy, sky lore mythology, ancient zodiacs, star lore, and modern space discoveries. These articles were previous published in Atlantis Rising magazine and are assembled here for the first time. This is the first of two volumes.



Since the beginning of man’s existence here on Earth, our ancestors have studied the skies for clues and stories that helped them to understand who we are, why we are, and where we are. Gathering around a fire or sheltered within early lodgings, they scanned the heavens and crafted stories and explanations for the physical world around them, including the night sky with its patterns and mysteries. This remarkable anthology offers 40 articles on ancient astronomy, sky lore mythology, ancient zodiacs, star lore, and modern space discoveries, all by esoteric scholar Julie Loar. She explores the topics of ancient sky watchers, prophecy, mythic themes, zodiacs, and some of the latest discoveries in astrophysics!

These articles were previous published in Atlantis Rising Magazine between 2000 and 2019 and are assembled here for the first time. This is the first of two volumes. A fascinating read, to be enjoyable in small and digestible bites, or consumed as a big and hearty banquet.

“Ancient Sky Watchers & Mythic Themes by Julie Loar is an absolute must-read for those interested in astrology, astronomy, and mythology. Having studied metaphysics intensively for twenty-five years, Julie is widely regarded as an expert in her field. For two decades, Julie’s insanely popular astrology column has appeared in the Atlantis Rising magazine. As the first in a two-volume anthology, this volume contains forty articles that originally appeared in issues of Atlantis Rising magazine from 2001 until 2019. Categorized by topic and not chronologically, these articles explore Greek gods, ancient civilizations, prophecies, zodiacs, the latest discoveries in astrophysics, and much more. 

I have always loved learning about zodiac signs as I found it interesting to reflect on the similarities and differences between my personality and the archetype of my zodiac sign, Taurus. Hence, you can imagine my delight when I first came upon Ancient Sky Watchers & Mythic Themes. I fell in love with how well-researched the book is. Though I learned a lot about past events and myths, it never felt tedious, and I enjoyed reading this book. Julie Loar has done a remarkable job of explaining each topic clearly and concisely. Though each chapter discussed a different subject, the book came together as a cohesive whole. I also greatly appreciated the formatting of the book, which made it easy to read. My favorite chapter had to be ‘Children Of The Gods: Sky Gods And Human Destiny’ because I was struck by how ironic it was that men would worship gods who were much so like themselves with all their flaws.” 
Cassie Widjaja for Readers’ Favorite Awards

Author Julie Loar is the award-winning author of Goddesses for Every Day, Messengers, The Hidden Power of Everyday Things, and Tarot & Dream Interpretation.

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