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Award-Winning Author Helps Young Readers Appreciate the Complex and Connected World of a Forest


“How the Trees Got Their Voices” is the Recipient of 11 National Book Awards


Ideal Holiday Gift for Children


Susan Andra Lion, author and illustrator of How the Trees Got Their Voices, is helping young readers become aware of the deep connection between all living things in the connected world of a forest ecosystem. Through her visually compelling and highly imaginative story of how Mother Earth gave the trees their voices, children learn that all the Earth’s inhabitants live in relation to each other, and the value of respect for all forms of life. This unique book helps its readers regard their world as a complex tapestry of life and living things.

And it arrives just in time for the holiday season, a perfect gift or stocking-stuffer to the child in your life. How the Trees Got Their Voices helps children grow a deep appreciation for the world’s ecology.

“This medium of a two-level story about the forest, the Earth and the environment creates a unique, shared experience between children and the people who read to them because they are sharing the visual experience of this wonderful story and forest world together. But it is also one of the loveliest books that readers will ever hold in their hands.” noted Karen Stuth, owner of Satiama, LLC, a Palmer Lake, Colorado-based publishing company that has brought the book forward.

Critics and judges agree; this is the reason that How the Trees Got Their Voices, a first book from Boulder, Colorado-based Lion, is the recipient of 11 national awards. These include:

  • Moonbeam Children’s Literacy Award Winner, Mind, Body, Spirit Category
  • Coalition of Visionary Resources, Winner Visionary Fiction Book 2015
  • Coalition of Visionary Resources Winner, People’s Choice Book of the Year 2015;
  • Mom’s Choice Award Gold Medal
  • Creative Child Magazine 2014 Book of the Year
  • 2015 Next Generation Indie Awards, Overall Winner, Best Fiction Design
  • 2015 International Book Awards, Overall Winner, Mind Body Spirit Category
  • National Parenting Publications Award Silver Medal Winner, 2014
  • 2015 Next Generation Indie Awards, Finalist, New Age Category
  • Coalition of Visionary Resources Finalist, Conscious Living Book 2015
  • Coalition of Visionary Resources Finalist, Children’s and Teen’s Books 2015

“The Earth and its inhabitants are so important to me. I have always been connected to nature and am fascinated at the interconnection of all living things – we all rely on each other, from the tiniest bugs to the giant elephants, from a mushroom to the tallest trees.” noted Lion, a sought-after professional designer and illustrator.

A portion of the sale proceeds is donated to initiatives and groups that help to preserve and replant forests worldwide.

How the Trees Got Their Voices is available through Satiama, LLC (, through Amazon ( and through many bookstores through the United States.


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