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Satiama LLC is a Mind Body Spirit Publisher of some of the industry’s best.

Satiama serves the mind body spirit industry! Satiama, LLC is a mind body spirit publisher founded by sisters Karen Stuth and Susan Stuth. They established Satiama to offer tools to assist each of us to connect with and honor our true nature. Satiama’s mission is to increase respect, compassion, and love for one other, and to foster and cultivate our connection to something greater. Today Satiama Publishing is a mind body spirit publisher with a considerable presence in its niche industry.

Since 2011, Satiama publishes books, card decks, audio and e-books, a board game, and meditation CDs. Our publications are highly- awarded, top-selling titles. Satiama, through its imprints, publishes titles and products for personal enjoyment, learning, and growth. We are known for the very high quality of our publications and products of all types.  Our library especially includes metaphysical books and titles related to what some call new age spirituality. Satiama offers experiential tools that can spark the divine within each of us supporting each of us to create the life we truly desire.,

Several of our titles are also published in other languages.

Imprints and Service Marks

The Satiama brand has three service marks:  Satiama Publishing, Satiama Writers Resource, and Magical Planet Publishing.

Our Mind Body Spirit Categories

We are your resource for inspired daily living and spiritual growth. Satiama Publishing titles fall into several categories or cover the following topics:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Divination
  • Esoteric Scholarship
  • Personal Development
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Shamanism
  • Vibrational Healing

Magical Planet Publishing was founded in 2023 and is dedicated to publishing titles in the following categories:

  • Magical Realism
  • Conscious life titles for teens and children
  • Conscious parenting titles for children and parents

A Resource for Writers

Our publishing consulting branch, Satiama Writers Resource, offers writer mentoring, editing, crowdfunding management, production management, marketing, and distribution services to authors and writers. To contact Satiama Writers Resource, please write to us at

Other Mind Body Spirit Tools

The Satiama Virtual Meditation Hall offers more than 30 free guided meditations of all types, styles, and philosophies.  Meditation contributors include Ram Dass, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jonathan Goldman, Tim Freke, Marissa Pei, Richard Singer, Prema Lee Gurreri, Dudley Evenson, Chrissie Blaze, Steven Farmer, Dianne Collins, Sara Wiseman, and more. Visit the Satiama Library, which houses at least the past three years of blogs, and offers continually changing articles and blogs.  Visit our virtual meditation hall and enjoy a different meditation each day!

Award-winning Mind Body Spirit Publications

Nearly every title published by Satiama Publishing has won major industry wards both nationally and internationally.  Here are a few of our top sellers:

Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, Product of the Year, 2012 COVR Visionary Awards.
How the Trees Got Their Voices, 2015 People’s Choice Book of the Year, COVR Visionary Awards
Quintangled — A Game of Strategy, Chance & Destiny, 2018 People’s Choice Product of the Year; 2018 Industry Choice Product of the Year; 2018 Gold Winner Tabletop Games, all awarded from the COVR Visionary Awards
Whispering Herbs Healing Cards, 2021 People’s Choice Product of the Year, 2022 Industry Choice Product of the Year, COVR Visionary Awards
Artist Shaman Healer Sage, 2022 Book of the Year, COVR Visionary Awards
Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle, 2023 Industry Choice of the Year, COVR Visionary Awards

What Does ‘Satiama’ Mean?

Satiama, pronounced ‘sah-tee-ah-mah,’ is a word built from three core ideas. “Sat” is one the holiest words in Sanskrit, itself a sacred language. It translates as being, reality, truth, essence, soul, the best. In other words, this refers to the ultimate reality, and is also considered the self-conductor of everything. In the Pali language, the word “sati” usually carries the meaning of awareness or skillful attentiveness. “I am that I am” is often translated as the name God calls [him]self to Moses in the Bible.  More recently, it has been called The Moses Code by James Twyman.  Instead of growing our sense of self-identify, it activates our co-creative power and connection to a source greater than ourselves.

A(h)” is the most natural sound to emerge from the mouth, a true vocalized sound, and one of the first sounds we ever make. The “ah” sound is part of nearly every form or name of God or a divine spirit, such as God, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Yahweh or Yeshua, Eckankar, God, etc. This sound appears a significant three times in our company name.

Our brand name was built to carry the vibration of these ideas, and to be an experiential tool in itself when spoken.

Submit Your Mind Body Spirit Work to Satiama

Our submission guidelines can be found here. To submit a manuscript for consideration to Satiama Publishing, please contact us at  We are especially interested in submissions in the arena of wisdom decks, oracle decks, tarot decks, and meditation and mindfulness tools. Satiama also welcomes submissions of children’s books based on the tenets of mind body spirit philosophy, and/or conscious parenting.

Product Categories

If your manuscript or product submission fits into any of the following product categories, it will increase the potential of accepting your submission into our catalog.

  1. Tarot decks
  2. Oracle cards
  3. Card games
  4. Divination tools
  5. Symbolism
  6. Archetypes
  7. Intuition
  8. Spirituality
  9. Mysticism
  10. Occult
  11. Esoteric
  12. Self-discovery
  13. Esoteric
  14. Metaphysics
  15. Ancient Wisdom
  16. Sacred
  17. Hermeticism
  18. Shamanism
  19. Indigenous Knowledge
  20. Eastern Philosophy
  21. Western Mystery Traditions
  22. New Age
  23. Astrology
  24. Children’s books

At this time we are not accepting manuscripts for books, other than for children.

Thank you for sharing our journey!

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