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Set Your Own Heart On Fire by Karen Stuth

Set Your Heart On Fire. Love heart background from beautiful bright stars

It’s that time of year again when Valentine’s Day approaches. For most of us, this is a Hallmark-fueled holiday that generally benefits chocolatiers and flower vendors but leaves many feeling alone, undervalued or with a feeling of missing out of a day of romance that we believe the rest of the world is experiencing in abundance. Looking at social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram, it can seem as if everyone is celebrating a romantic, candlelit day of passion and appreciation. The truth is that it also triggers a dramatic increase in the number of calls made to divorce attorneys. Online searches for “divorce” and “divorce advice” increase by as much as 40 percent in the weeks that surround this supposed celebration of love. Valentine’s Day often causes many to focus on the void in their lives where they believe love should live. Focusing on this void in reality simply creates a bigger void, as we create whatever occupies our thoughts and resulting beliefs. It’s time for each of us to set our heart on fire!

What if the truth of about this supposed day of romance is that it could be a real opportunity for appreciation for what we have — love in our life in many forms? What if we spent the energy and effort of Valentine’s Day in learning to simply be grateful for what we have in our lives — familial love, love of our friends, true gratitude and appreciation for the many gifts of our lives in every form? What if we were grateful just for simply being? What if we used Valentine’s Day to exercise self-love and appreciation — if we were our own Valentine? What does it take to set our heart on fire?

The truth about love is that love appears where we choose it — by changing our perception about our lives and the relationships in it, by giving gratitude for the many forms of love that exist around all of us. The truth about love is that love begins when we first love ourselves for exactly who we are. Set your own heart on fire, fill the void with the true essence of love and enjoy the resulting changes around you. We invite you to celebrate unconditional love and appreciation for who you are — the biggest magnetic and energetic attraction to bringing more love into your life in every form.

Thank you for sharing our journey. Karen Stuth, Copyright 2014

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