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Explore, Experience, Liberate: Experience Life without Boundaries or Judgment

Man with head in clouds with earth egg; he is experiencing life without boundaries or judgment

Do you want to experience life without boundaries or judgment? Would like like to imagine a new reality in which  we explore and experience? Imagine the sense of freedom we would find if we no longer labeled our choices as right or wrong.

As a collective, we are awakening out of thousands of years of mental bondage to freedom of spirit that encompasses acceptance of all possibilities and potential. This is certainly a messy, chaotic process. Unfortunately, at times violent and harmful. I am not naive enough to suggest we need no boundaries when living within large societal groups. Yet, primarily at the root intent of structure and law is to do no harm. So, within the context of unlimited exploration of experiences for our own self, there is this one requirement – no harm.

Our Earth journey is fascinating because we are a self-contained solitary Soul, yet simultaneously interdependent, within the larger human tribe.  In the greater scheme of eternity, we are the infinite living within the finite. The experience of this Earth journey is exploring a state of unconditional interdependence.

We cannot place conditions on our fellows, though we may think we do. They, too, must stand self-contained and alone at their exit from this human life. In a seeming paradox, once we individually shift our spiritual discipline to live only in the paths of our unique soul consciousness, we automatically catalyze a type of tribal interdependence.

What is Spiritual Discipline?

Discipline is much more than training ourselves to avoid the consequence of breaking rules and another way to experience life without boundaries or judgment.

While training to adhere to external rules is to live with integrity within our tribal groups, we develop the discipline of spirit for our own selves. When our soul consciousness leaves our body to return to wherever it originated, it returns alone and answers alone. It speaks only for its own creations.

I would suggest that spiritual discipline is about shifting our inner compass to the center of our soul consciousness – our heart-soul connection. Our mind is a tool, our personal will is our action center, our heart is our motivator, and the motor that runs everything else.

To know our Self means to know that we are Soul, we are spirit, we are energy fitted into matter. We do not need to find our Self, for we are already here. There is nothing mystical about being a spiritually conscious human. The skills needing to be refined are the senses we have held dormant for thousands of years. Those that lie beyond the five macro senses of taste, smell, hearing, touch, and sight in the intricate micro nuances of our inner planes of consciousness.

Multi-dimension Living

When we search in the depths of our hearts, we discover deeper and deeper layers of seeing, hearing, feeling, and telepathic communication until our inner planes spring fully multi-dimensionally alive. We use our inner senses to perceive the multi-dimensional layers of our external world. Events viewed by our external perception as right or wrong, black or white, may show on the inner plane as having three, four, five, or more layers of less tangible meaning. What appears solid physically shows itself to have tightly interwoven layers of light and frequency. We learn how to wield each of these microelements within our inner planes of consciousness for our own expansion.

Like a spider in its web, we weave the circumstance around us and the situations we find ourselves in. Once we perceive how we weave, we attain true liberation from dependence on the collectives around us – because we control our weaving alone. Again, we experience life without boundaries or judgment

Faith and Trust Are Key

Each day is about faith and trust. Not blind faith or intellectual trust. Faith and trust are based on experiencing the sensation of our personal connection with Source love-light. This experience tells us we have unlimited choice and power beyond this world’s perception.

To be free to experience life without boundaries or judgment means being spiritually awake and open to exploring: to explore all imaginings without boxes, labels, and inflexible dogmas; to be whole means the Soul and human are in harmony. There are many examples of those who receive all the material wealth they can imagine and still cannot find serenity. Others diligently explore every nuance of scientific, psychological, and philosophical thought and still cannot find peace. Still, others continue to wonder what is happening to them.

When we work through psychic muck, explore a past life, and puzzle out a Soul fragment or life path meaning, we put a piece of our human self to rest peacefully within our Soul. We simultaneously free our Soul to explore anew. We begin our path to experience life without boundaries or judgment.

We are like an eternal kaleidoscope. We see the whole, then we focus on a color, then we focus on the combinations of colors, until finally, we focus on the whole once again, having found a greater expansion of our Self.

What is True Liberation?

Liberation is the slaying of ignorance. The transcending of willful blindness. No lies, no dominance, no enslavement. There is no danger in changing or flipping our perspective — no monsters under the bed. Human life has finite layers of richness. Soul Light adds layers luxurious with infinite wisdom and knowledge. Light brings us out of fear and opens us to wisdom, grace, freedom, and joy.

Liberation is the power within — knowing that we alone can save ourselves from ourselves. No one else can save us. We save ourselves by activating our Light, the power that comes directly from our Source through the conduit of our Soul. We perpetuate the energy of separation when we think of the Source Light as outside of us, something we must search for out there in the world to bring back within. By understanding that we are more than human beings, we are Soul-human being, we do not reject the external world and all its accomplishments, rather we see the reality of the space it occupies.

Taking Action from the Heart

‘To thine own self be true’ means to take action from the heart, make an independent choice, and choose unlimited perception, for when expansion is over, so is the magic of life. It is our calling to fully express what we are through the Light of the consciousness frequency that we call the Soul. As we illuminate all threads of our Soul, our human self is transfigured. Liberation is the result. Freedom comes from choice.

Ultimately, hundreds and thousands will follow when even one of us shakes off the veils of illusion. As we connect to our unlimited power source, peace fills us as an invisible, quiet stream that flows through us as a golden river of wonder, respect, benevolence, purity, impeccability, integrity, and honesty, always and forever. the peace found within liberation and freedom sustains not just us but all living things on this planet.

Copyright 2022, Catherine Grace Landry

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