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An Excerpt from Three Awakenings: My Encounter with Max

A crystal skull; an excerpt from Three Awakenings

Enjoy this excerpt from Three Awakenings by Theresa Crater, a memoir of one woman’s experiences with higher consciousness.

A higher state of consciousness!

The second time I experienced samadhi or Unity Consciousness, I was sitting in front of Max, the Crystal Skull, in a little town near Kona, Hawai’i. The year was 1997. I had come to see this supposedly ancient Mayan artifact. The spiritual center I was staying at during my vacation was hosting Max. I thought the whole thing was pretty peculiar, but I’d developed a strong friendship with one of the permanent residents of the place. She assured me Max was worth spending some time with and I respected her opinion.

I attended the evening group meeting.

Maybe ten to fifteen people sat on pillows on the floor in a circle. The skull sat in the middle on a slightly raised platform. At least I guess that’s what the bump under the shawl was. I took my place on a zafu, a meditation pillow, and waited for the skull’s keeper, JoAnn Parks, to unveil him. JoAnn introduced Max and bent down to pull the covering away. I briefly felt like I was attending a magic show and glanced over at my new friend with a bit of a frown. She gave a small shake of her head and smiled.

The shawl came off and there sat Max—a crystal the shape and size of a human skull. Internal fractures ran through the stone and the lights danced off them, breaking into rainbows. A cloudy spot at the top of the skull and several more created around the back intriguing misty areas. JoAnn talked about how she’d come to be the skull’s guardian— her daughter’s tragic illness, and the Tibetan Red Hat healer who’d helped her live two more years with bone cancer. The healer was Max’s previous guardian and passed the skull on to JoAnn at his death.

In her lecture, JoAnn moved on to technical information about how much Max weighed—eighteen pounds it turned out—and more scientific evidence about crystal, how it conducts energy, and how crystal is used in computers and watches. She explained that the crystal Max had been carved from had seen at least two large earthquakes and endured enormous pressure before being quarried and carved. As she continued, I closed my eyes to listen. The scientific data, and the measurements of the piece, didn’t interest me as much as her personal story. Quite naturally, I drifted into meditation. I settled into a nice, quiet state, with JoAnn’s story wafting over me.

A state of higher consciousness

Suddenly, a stream of energy flowed out to me from the skull. Surprised, I turned my attention to it. The stream of energy was like a knock on the door as if Max were asking, “Can I come in?” Very polite. I gave him my permission, not in words so much as in a willingness. Then another experience that had not been on my map of possibilities occurred.

Max took that stream of energy he’d extended to me and opened it up into a firehose. He blasted me with a flood of extremely high-frequency energy. It pushed me back into myself and I was lifted into a higher state of consciousness.

Christ Consciousness. My mind labeled the experience, but that was not a label I’d learned anywhere.

It seemed Max had a direct link to Christ Consciousness and he’d opened the door for me. I didn’t walk so much as get blasted through.

As soon as I connected with my full Self, I began to weep. Right there in the middle of all those other people. I couldn’t stop. I cried because I’d given up ever experiencing enlightenment again in this lifetime. This was such a relief. Such a surprise. I felt a rush of joy. All the pain, loneliness, and confusion I’d been carrying washed away with that roaring influx of Christ Consciousness.

I cried for a good while. JoAnn walked over and put her hand on my shoulder while she talked. I tried to be quiet, but I couldn’t bring myself to suppress my crying because I didn’t want to lose my connection. At last, my weeping subsided, and I sat within the golden sunlight of that experience, full and healed.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I thought I was Christ.

I had been uplifted into communion with this level of awareness that Max understood as Christ Consciousness. Somewhere in the midst of this experience, I stopped thinking of Max as an object and realized he was a conscious being. A very advanced conscious being.

This time I didn’t worry much about when it would fade. I was under no illusions that I was pure enough to sustain this level permanently, although I would have dearly loved that. But since I was inside it now, these thoughts didn’t even come to me. I just enjoyed the relief of being home again.


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