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Dream Oracle Numbers 1 through 5 by Julie Loar

Visually pleasing composition of human head, dream interpretation, numbers and fractal colors to serve as background in works on mind, dreams, thinking, consciousness and imagination; dream oracle numbers 1 through 5

Numbers appear in dreams as dates, months, seasons, phone numbers, room numbers or quantities. Always examine the context. Does the number show up as a quantity of objects or persons? Does the number repeat in the dream, highlighting the importance of the symbol? Numbers that appear together can show how to combine their separate meanings. Sometimes a number on a sign can be a timing clue that really relates to a date, or the number of days, weeks or months that will elapse before the issue is resolved. The number might appear as a room number on a door, indicating a state of consciousness, something to be entered into? Let’s look at dream oracle numbers 1 through 5.

In basic numerology the object is to arrive at a number between 1 and 10 by reduction. Reducing numbers by adding them together, and then reducing the total, arrives at the smallest single number from 1-10. For example, 322 is 3 + 2 + 2 = 7. Likewise 1001 is 1 + 1 = 2, as you don’t count the zeroes. 958 is 9 + 7 + 8 = 24 so add 2 + 4 = 6 to get the lowest number. Numbers have both quantitative significance as well as symbolism.

1. Initiation

One is always first and stands alone. Symbolically one cannot be divided. Unity can only create by a process of addition. Meanings of the number one include initiation, unity, beginning, initiative, singleness, isolation, originality and self-conscious. In the vertical, linear form of the Arabic numeral one initiation of movement begins with the vertical line that connects above to below, showing the place where heaven touches earth. The action and impetus of the number one is the primal will, initiating manifestation. The concept of one can also be represented by the dot within the center of a circle. When the number one is a key symbol in a dream look for what stands alone, or what may need to be viewed in isolation. Where are opportunities for new beginnings, originality or standing on your own? What needs to happen first?

2. Duplication

In two the energy of manifestation moves from singularity to duality. Two is a perfect replica of one, a mirror image, created by addition, and is the first divisible number. Meanings of the number two include duplication, duality, reflection, replication, division, recreation, receptivity, dependence, polarity, division, double, twin, mirror image, antagonism, opposition, complementary, alternate, life force and the part of our mind called sub-consciousness. Two can be either divided or multiplied. When the number two manifests as a symbol in a dream look for issues of duality, relationship, partnership, or mirroring. What needs to be duplicated or replicated? What is the core issue teaching by reflection? What do you need to look at? What is the “magic mirror” trying to reveal? Facing your reflection sometimes requires courage.

3. Multiplication

Three expresses the perfect outworking of the principles of one and two and increases through multiplication. Meanings include multiplication, trinity, development, imagination, growth, creativity, unfolding, procreation, and expression. When threes appear as dream symbols look for what needs to grow, or what may be multiplying without your conscious awareness. Is the growth constructive, or is it like uncontrolled weeds choking your garden? When threes appear in dreams look for clues where growth is happening, is necessary, or may be blocked.

4. Stability

Four carries the memory, or matrix, of the order of manifestation and an understanding of the lay of the land moving from the first three numbers. Meanings of the number four include classification, order, reason, measurement, recording, planning, surveying, naming, tabulating, stability, geometry and topography. Fours in dreams may reveal where the situation is stable, or stagnant, and shows what needs to move. Fours in dreams may also indicate where the situation requires grounding and needs to become more stable.

5. Change

Five embodies the law of adaptation that proceeds from the abstract order of the number four. Five stands in the middle of the numbers one through nine and is an ancient symbol of humanity since a human figure with arms outstretched and legs spread wide resembles a pentagon, like Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man. Meanings of the number five include mediation, change, adaptation, means, agency, activity, process, uncertainty, instability, transition and versatility. Fives as dream symbols may show where change is occurring below the surface of conscious awareness. Fives in dreams may further reveal where change is needed, but is being resisted. Are things in motion and flowing, or do they need to be?

About The Author: Julie Loar is the multiple award-winning author of six books and dozens of articles. She has a BS in Psychology, has done postgraduate work, and has been certified in numerous professional training and development popular astrology feature appears in ATLANTIS RISING magazine, and she is a featured contributor on John Edward’s web site, where she has her own internet TV show. She has traveled to sacred sites around the world, researching the material for her books and teachings. Each year she leads a sacred journey to Egypt.

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