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Dream Interpretation is a Call to Guidance: Why I Wrote Symbol & Synchronicity by Julie Loar

Front cover of award-winning book about dream interpretation Symbol and Synchronicity published by Satiama Publishing

Why dream interpretation is a call to guidance

Dream interpretation as a call to guidance? I woke on a snowy morning in mid-March of 2020 from a vivid dream as the world imploded in a global pandemic. In my dream, I carried every bit of my work, worth, and identity in a saddle-colored messenger bag. The messenger bag in my dream contained my wallet and passport and was stuffed with papers and projects—every bit of my life’s work past, present, and future. My first book was titled Messengers, so the symbol had layers of meaning. In the dream, I kept putting the heavy bag down and forgetting to take it with me, as I searched for a way to get fed. The simple interpretation of the dream was I had a great deal of work that needs attention and shouldn’t be ignored or forgotten. I should pay attention to the work as this is what will “feed me.” Symbol & Synchronicity: Learning the Soul’s Language in Dreams and Waking Life is part of the answer to what felt like a clarion call of guidance.

Writing a book about dream interpretation

The journey of this book began in earnest before I fully understood what the task would entail, but that is the way of a quest. If we knew when we set out what we would face after we cross the threshold we might lose courage. There are always dark times of doubt as well as powerful moments of guidance and miraculous inspiration. My journey through this book has been characterized by both, but I have also experienced firsthand the potential for transformation the process contains. I am not the same person who set out on the journey, and in the way of cycles and synchronicity, as I typed the final words a year later I looked out my window at a snowstorm, bringing the journey full circle.

The year of writing was a rare adventure with all the hallmarks of a heroic quest. In the beginning, I crossed a threshold from my “ordinary world” and stepped into a magical realm. I was given profound guidance at the outset as well as help, inspiration, and impulses for growth along the way. At significant stages, I was given a dream that spoke to me in powerful symbols. Sometimes I felt challenged by the message and at other times profoundly encouraged. Such synchronicities dazzled me, especially at moments when I doubted myself. But I also knew that dream interpretation is a call to guidance and it was calling me.

The miracles present in dream interpretation

My journey has been framed by the miracle of amazing dreams, powerful signs, and the magic of synchronicity and serendipity. I have experienced the power of the practice—not just theory—that I write about in a way that is not academic, and I believe these messages have been the clear voice of my Soul. As I finished the first draft and looked back, I knew with a deep sense of wonder that what I had written was indeed a journey that connected inner space with my outer world. I feel that the larger purpose of this book, and the profound journey the writing has taken, have made clear to me the power of dreams as guides on our spiritual path. Once we know that we walk this Path with the humble heart of a true pilgrim, the timeless teaching of our dreams becomes like beacons, milestones, markers along the way.

Our guides speak to us through dream interpretation

We each have a personal and trusted guide, standing ready to shed light on our path and bring messages of encouragement. Our guide shows us how to live a better life and reveals stumbling blocks, holding up a mirror to reflect the consequences of our choices. Dreams and synchronicities can become powerful guides if we learn to understand the language of these symbolic messengers, which I believe are the wise voice of our souls. We, in turn, are wise to listen. Believe it — dream interpretation is a call to guidance.

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