COVR Awards 2023 Entries

Satiama Publishing has three entries in the Coalition of Visionary Resources 2023 Visionary Awards. We’d appreciate your vote on each of our titles below. Voting will be open from April 3 through April 21

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Three Awakenings:  A Spiritual Memoir by Theresa Crater (Foreward by Kathleen McGowan)

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DESCRIPTION:  Sit with a Vedic guru from an ancient spiritual tradition. Meditate with an ancient Mayan crystal skull. Search sacred sites and temple ruins around the world where the Grail may have passed, leaving its celestial energy. Explore three incredible encounters with the Divine that deeply remind us that enlightenment belongs to everyone. This marvelous, engaging, and fascinating memoir of spiritual exploration will invite you to explore your own unseen world for the nuggets of gold waiting for you there.

In Three Awakenings, author Theresa Crater shares her meditation study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Indian guru who mentored The Beatles, her deep soul connection and communication with a crystal skull named Max, and her encounters with the spirit of Mary Magdelene. This one-of-a-kind memoir reminds each of us that we are an eternal spiral of growth that pulls us up and toward a realization of who we really are – light-filled beings of possibility and purpose.

Through each of her life chapters, Theresa Crater shares her encounter with the unseen spiritual world that is always there for each of us to reach for if we choose. This marvelous, engaging, and fascinating memoir of spiritual exploration will leave you wanting more while inviting readers to explore their own unseen world for the nuggets of gold waiting for them there. This one-of-a-kind memoir reminds each of us that we are in an eternal spiral of growth that pulls us up and toward a realization of who we really are – light-filled beings of possibility and purpose.


What Readers Are Saying!

“…This spiritual memoir should fascinate all spiritual seekers, both neophyte and well-seasoned. Readers are treated to a bird’s eye view into Ms. Crater’s quest for higher states of consciousness over fifty years and four continents. From her beginnings in the ‘enlightened’ 1970s TM movement…to the discovery of a talking Crystal Skull named “Max,”…her memoir is filled with ‘You can’t make this up’ moments. It’s also a heartfelt window into Mary Magdalene sites in Southern France, where Theresa experiences “Samadhi” at an ancient castle. I closed ”Three Awakenings” feeling both more knowledgeable and excited about the spiritual possibilities that await me.

Theresa Crater’s memoir is a joy and inspiration. Her awakenings are powerful and stir the mind and heart to follow in the footsteps of intrepid travelers on the spiritual path. She leads us with a lantern of truth and beckons us to join her.

I found this book fascinating. The last chapter is the best of all. In fact, it brought tears. What a blessed life has been shared with us.


Best-selling author Theresa Crater brings ancient temples, lost civilizations, and secret societies back to life in her visionary fiction.  Her two historical novels explore gender, race, and LGBTQ experiences in the Eastern guru invasion of the 1980s and the 1950s South. Theresa loves to travel, and her adventures in Egypt, Cambodia, Peru, England, and Scotland show up in her writing. She teaches meditation, creative writing, and British literature.









Jewels of Kidron by Susan Miner

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Katie is a young girl barely in her teens with a troubled past she struggles to overcome. When she runs away, searching for the peace of mind and safety that has eluded her, she finds shelter in The Enchanted Woods, where she encounters Angelina, a beautiful elf with a similar history. Together they embark on a quest for the Jewels of Kidron, accompanied by a young gypsy boy named Trek and a griffin named Laren. Will Katie and Angelina find the jewels and the peace they seek to overcome their past? Will they find their way home?

Jewels of Kidron is a marvelous tale of magical realism. The reader is swept along with the two young girls as they search for the strength to use their voices to change their worlds, a journey that shapes and transforms them. Author Susan Miner’s novel of hopelessness, danger, and courage will keep engaged until the very last page


Susan Miner is an author, interior designer, innkeeper, wife, and mother in a small Colorado mountain town. She can most often be found in her writing haven — a restored milk house — where the next volumes in the Jewels series have already begun to reveal their secrets. Jewels of Kidron is her first novel.

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What Readers Are Saying!

“My intent was to just read 3 or 4 chapters a night, but I couldn’t put it down. The author’s description of Katie and Angelina painted a picture in my mind’s eye. As the story continued, I could see what I was reading as if it were a movie. This author is so talented with her gift of words. I so enjoyed their adventures! Hope there will be a 2nd book to continue their story.”

I absolutely loved this book, from its dramatic opening through its suspenseful journey. The characters are relatable and dynamic, and the author describes the settings in a way that really draws you in and makes you feel like you’re there with the characters. Love it! Can’t wait for more!

It’s hard to believe this is a debut novel. It’s well-written, imaginative, mystical, and magical. Perfect for ages 13 through adult. Definitely hoping for more from this author.


Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle by Katherine Skaggs

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Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle is a boxed set of 44 beautifully illustrated cards and a full-color 128-page guidebook made of Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other Divine Beings of Light channeled by author and artist Katherine Skaggs. Spiritual teacher Katherine Skaggs created this high-frequency deck because we all need wise guidance, support, inspiration, and empowerment to change our lives personally and the world at large into a more harmonious place. The Angels, Masters, and Divine Beings have been flowing their images, messages, and higher frequency energies to form through Katherine’s paintings and the words to help her and many others since 2003.

This oracle deck is different from others you might own or be considering in that the art and messages are fully channeled through Katherine Skaggs, bringing the user a high vibrational experience of the Masters contained within, and offering you their path and promise of light every time you use them. A true work of art and heart from Satiama Publishing, a service mark of Satiama, LLC.

About the Author  Award-winning author, visionary artist, teacher, and healer Katherine Skaggs is inspired to bring beauty, love, soul healing, and a vision of inspiration to others through visionary art; empowering classes, and workshops including intuitive painting classes, Artist Shaman Healer Sage courses, Journeying with the Goddess workshops; monthly New Moon Goddess Wisdom Circles and Full Moon Shamanic Healer Circles; in addition, Katherine offers intuitive guidance and healing services including soul portraits (a process unique to Katherine and her intuitive guidance), intuitive readings and soul guidance sessions, shamanic healing sessions, and spiritual coaching. Life’s experiences tell her that each breath is sacred, to live fully, to choose love in every moment, to aim for happiness and joy no matter what, and to see the divine within all beings. Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle Deck is her latest offering to the health, peace, and prosperity of our world and planet and all of its inhabitants.

Enjoy an Excerpt Below

Archangel Michael:  Protection

Courage • Divine Guidance • Soul Destiny

“You are protected by a pure and innocent heart.  Courageously follow the path of love.”

Archangel Michael is the dedicated warrior angel who protects the spiritual destiny of every soul. He wields the fiery sword of truth, clearing ignorance, fear, and all illusions that separate you from the Divine. Today Michael carries the golden staff of Mayan Master Cib, the Wayshower, the Divine Child walking forth from his illuminated heart, and Goddess Athena’s medicine Owl behind him. Together they exude the protective energies of Divine love born of purity and innocence.

Archangel Michael wants you to remember that you are protected and guided upon your soul’s path as you follow your heart and inner knowing. Your heart’s GPS always knows the way. So fear not, for your guides and angels assist you every step of your life journey.

If fear has overwhelmed you, closed your heart, made you feel unsafe, or dimmed your ability to trust your inner knowing, it’s time to clean away the negative energies and reset in the light. Archangel Michael is present to shine the golden light of truth and wisdom upon you and your Divine path. Deep cleaning of your mind, body, and spirit is needed to restore the purity and innocence that live within you.

Ask for the help needed to trust your heart once again. Call upon the power of Owl medicine to clean the fear and to bring you into wisdom. Call upon the preciousness and purity of your inner child’s whole heart to gain the courage to dream, to play, to love, and to create anew. Ask Cib and Michael to help you trust that you are guided and protected on your soul’s journey.

Ceremony and Ritual

Set your altar as a protective container that guards your dreams and guides you on your soul’s journey. Light a gold candle to shine the light on your intentions and prayers. Imagine it expanding through all of your space, body, mind, emotions, and soul dreams. Breathe, and focus with all your senses to honor Archangel Michael, Master Cib, Owl, and your Inner Child as your guides. As you thank each helper, sense into and visualize an expansion of light in your heart. Sit in this energy. Repeat often. Notice how the light of love and wisdom always guides and protects you.

What Users Are Saying!

“The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle has become my favorite oracle deck. The images are powerful and beautifully inspiring. The messages associated with each card are potent, timely, and relevant to me. Using this deck daily, I receive powerfully pertinent insights and guidance while also receiving support from the sacred frequency of the channeled artwork. Using this deck has been a wonderful daily practice to connect with the Masters, and the messages contained in this oracle deck, as each day I receive powerfully pertinent wisdom and guidance. When I use these cards for the benefit of others, the feedback I receive is always about how accurate these cards are, and how powerful the images and messages for each card are. The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle stands apart from the average oracle deck. I love using oracle cards and have several wonderful decks, but none compare to the potency of The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle [emphasis added].”

I love this Oracle deck! Beautiful artwork and insightful messages. Katherine Skaggs previously created the Mythical Goddess Tarot deck and book about healing (Artist Shaman Healer Sage) which are both amazing…She knocked it out of the park again with this Oracle deck!